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Allochthonous species – actors poster

Scritto da Massimo Urso    Lunedì 01 Giugno 2015 00:00


The Parco Nord Milano is not only committed to reconstructing dozens and dozens of hectares of Po Valley forest but has also started the planting of aquatic habitats, integral parts of this wider woodland system.
The lakes and ponds have been populated by the original flora and, as a result, this has enabled the settlement of populations of native fauna, such as, for example, moorhens, the European green toad and the great crested newt.

Aquatic eco-­systems ARE STILL VERY FRAGILE, more so than the woodlands, particularly when faced with the threat of invasion by ‘alien’ or foreign (allochthonous) species.
There is ongoing competition between the expansion of the original eco-­system that the park is trying to promote and the domination of alien species, more resistant and adaptable to the ‘paucity’ of food in the urban context.
It’s important to remember that each eco-­‐system is based on a balance between different species of flora and fauna, connected to each other like links in a chain; nevertheless, the link remains very unstable, particularly in an urban context.
Breaking or altering just one link in the chain means a threat to the whole eco-­system.
For example, releasing an alien species in the park, such as tortoises, goldfish and exotic reptiles can seriously compromise the biotic balance that was set up with the creation of these natural habitats.

Help us to preserve the park’s eco-­systems, particularly the aquatic ones.
Don’t abandon animals of any species in the park just because sometimes they’re no longer wanted or suitable as pets.
Don’t throw food into the lakes for the same reason.
If you release an animal in the park, you don’t improve its life conditions and, at the same time, it presents a serious danger for all the other animals and plants already living there.
If you feed the fauna in the park, you only benefit the less wild species.

We’re doing everything we can to build a park with different natural habitats but we need your help; you, like us, can become a defender of the biodiversity and thus the future of this park.

Thank you. (If you have an exotic animal or any animal that you can no longer keep at home, there are special bodies like the ENPA, LIPU etc. that you can contact.)

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