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You’ve come to a living museum.

Here, there’s a circular path with four different themes that offer glimpses of the whole area of the park.

Plough and learn

Agriculture was the greatest revolution in the history of mankind, i.e. when our ancestors learnt the systematic use of what Nature offered them.

Over time, man has refined agricultural practices with continual improvements. Think of the selection of fruit trees, the use of the horse and bees in agriculture and the cultivation of herbs for use in cooking.

1          Orchard

4          Paddock

17        Herb spiral

12        Beehives

3          Bird farm

Lifeblood of the forests

The area where the park now stands was the nerve centre of war industry until the end of the Second World War and was abandoned immediately afterwards following the countless bombardments.

From the 1980s, it has been transformed, tree by tree, into a large green area. The trees have become true woods as they grow with the bushes and shrubs, a port of call for wild birds and many other small animals that still find refuge there.

Here’s how you can experience the wealth of a forest in our city.

2          Wood collection

7          Hollow log

9          Butterfly hedge

8          Wild meadow

19        Woodpile

11        Educational wall

22        Wood

23        Woodland plants

15        Rock garden

18        Woodland birds

14        GEV wood

A drop of water, a cascade of life

Three-quarters of the surface of our planet is covered in water, from the ice of the North and South Poles to the rivers of the equatorial forests and the great ocean masses. Water, the element in which life evolved, throbs with thousands of forms of animals and plants that develop and form aquatic eco-systems with their own particular features. What we can see in the park in particular are the Wetlands featuring a biodiversity that makes them unique.

We’ve constructed three different types; all you have to do is observe these fascinating worlds from close up.

16        The pond

20        The lake

21        Wetland birds

10        Small animal lodge

A dive into the past, a jump into the future

The history of mankind and that of nature are inseparably interwoven. The park is in an area where there were once historic factories including Breda, whose air-raid shelters for the manual workers can now be visited.

History is also innovation however. The park stands out for the many state-of-the-art technological and energy practices, for example its photovoltaic centre. Get ready to relive the experience of the past and dive into the future.

13        Former Breda bunker

25        Sentry box

6          Photovoltaic system

5          Wunderkammer

24        Sensorial path

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