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MICRO – WORLD Small animal lodge

Scritto da Simona Parigi    Giovedì 11 Giugno 2015 11:17

Nature Educational Area



“It’s said that the least flutter of a butterfly’s wings are able to cause a hurricane on the other side of the world.” The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Small animals refer to all those animals which, although they are small, are so important for the preservation of biodiversity that they are now protected by a specific Regional Law (LR 10/2008 ‘Provisions for the protection and preservation of small animals, flora and spontaneous vegetation”).

It is important to stress that the protection of certain species, particularly of small animals, can’t be focused on individual specimens but must also be extended to the typical habitats of the threatened groups, thus making the existence of the species effectively possible.

The Small Animal Lodge hosts set-ups and temporary exhibitions on the amphibians, reptiles, butterflies and dragonflies of the park. In turn, according to the set-up, the fascinating world of small animals, their biological features and ecological function in the ‘park’ eco-system can be discovered.


the Lodge can be visited by ringing the park on 022410161.

Monday – Thursday 9 am – 12

midday and 2 – 4.30 pm

Friday  9 am – 12 midday

    venerdì 30, Agosto 2019