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MICRO – WORLD Wunderkammer

Scritto da Simona Parigi    Giovedì 11 Giugno 2015 11:32

Nature Educational Area









“Wonder is the seed of knowledge” Francis Bacon (1909-1992)

Wunderkammer, the Cabinet of Curiosities, is an expression used for certain rooms in some middle-class or aristocratic houses where, in German culture of 1500-1700, collectors used to keep collections of articles that were extraordinary for their intrinsic and exterior features just to surprise their guests.

Just like the Wunderkammer of long ago, the aim of this area is to be a place for reflection and wonder. Certain natural finds from the park, of surprising shapes and colours, the symbol of a biodiversity that is still alive and which can be seen by observant visitors, are kept in it. The Cabinet of Curiosities at the park comes from the desire to rediscover the beauty of nature in all its facets, from shape to colour and smell to consistency. Attention and curiosity, a little bit patient, just like nature, are required to generate wonder.

The internal setting was arranged with the co-operation of Effemeridi, the fashion and design creative workshop, while the walls of woven hazelnut and ash were created by young designers of the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (New Fine Arts Academy), Milan.



The Wunderkammer can be visited by ringing the park on 02 24 10 161


Monday – Thursday 9 am – 12

midday and 2 – 4.30 pm

Friday  9 am – 12 midday

    venerdì 30, Agosto 2019