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Le audioguide del Parco in inglese


Nature itinerary – The forest over the factory

1. Realizing Emotions

2. The Guiding Animals

3. The First Reforestation

4. The Deforestation Story

5. The Design of the Park. Green Telescopes

6. The Big Prairie

7. Learning from mistakes

8. Meadows, hedges and insects

9. The lake as yet to appear

10. The new lake

11. The new skyline of Milan

12. Over the rumbling canyon





Historical itinerary – Iron memories

1. The city of factories

2. Porta Breda

3.Torretta a villa farmstead

4. The Torretta transformed

5.Water the bringer of nature

6. The park within the factory

7. Monument in memory of the deported workers

8.The growing park

9.The Breda canal transformed

10. The velodrome and the ghost lake transformed

11. City vegetable gardens

12. Attaching the territories together

13. Bonsai on the railtracks

14. Memories of the ruins

15. The outpost-bridgehead

16. The secret room

17. Memories of the bombs





Ideazione e realizzazione Lorenza Zambon
Testi di Lorenza Zambon e Tomaso Colombo
Musica di Carlo Actis Dato
Voci di Lorenza Zambon e Giancarlo Previati

    lunedì 29, Gennaio 2024